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Avoiding EMP Damage

Avoiding EMP Damage
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Avoiding EMP Damage is an another attempt to cut through the prepper misconceptions.  I have tried to educate on this subject before in a video series about faraday cages, unfortunately ham radio hobbyists wanted to argue over grounding, and trolls wanted to blast my use of cell phones.

For those unfamiliar with the series, I built commonly discussed prepper faraday cages and used a cell phone inside the cage to test it.

Yes, I understand that the cell towers would be inoperable after an attack using an EMP

Yes, I know that the frequency and power of an EMP is different than that of a modern cell phone

However, the frequency of the radio wave and the EMP wave is similar enough that anything that could block an EMP pulse would block the signal from a cell tower.  If a cell phone rang inside the devices, then the devices would not protect against an EMP.

If you want to know more about how to go about avoiding EMP Damage, then read the PDF below. If you want to know more about EMP, then you can read this article. Additionally I have a few more federal documents on EMP that will be published later.

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