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Baby Chicken Basics


Baby Chicken Basics
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This video was an impromptu explanation of some baby chicken basics.  As I brought a new batch home I figured that maybe people would appreciate some information on how to raise baby chicks.

Now is the time to buy chickens if you want to raise them.  While you can always mail order some chicks, its much easier when you can buy them directly at the store.

If you have never had chickens before the video below will show you some baby chicken basics.

Most specifically what you need to buy and how to set up your brooder.

In the video we talk about the differences between pullets and straight run chickens, the basic benefits of heritage breeds and combination meat/egg chickens.

I also show how I made a brooder out of a 27 gallon tote and what you will need to have to successfully raise your chicks to adulthood.

Baby Chicken Basics
Buy at Amazon

I like using a red light in the brooder, mostly because it doesn’t show blood.  I find that if you use a white light the chicks peck each other more.

There is not a lot to know if your talking about baby chicken basics, I don’t loos many at all in the brooder, its when they get older and the dogs, coons, and neighbors get involved that raising chickens gets harder.

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