Organizing Tip: Bag Storage Adapter

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Bag Storage Adapter52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for PrepperSince I am always messing around in the kitchen I tend to have all sorts of bits and bags of stuff that I rarely use. I tend to just wad up the top of the bag and stick it in the cupboard (which drives the wife nuts)- I saw this Bag Storage Adapter on pinterest and figured I would have to try it.

It works, so I thought I would share it with you…

  • Cut a two-liter (or smaller) bottle right where the bottleneck starts to form. (This could make a good funnel for another project)
  • Insert the open end of whatever bag you are using – nuts, chocolate chips, beans….
  • Double the bag back over itself, so that the bottle is sandwiched in the middle.
  • Smooth the bag as best you can over the threads of the bottle spout.
  • Screw the lid over the bag and you will be able to have a tightly sealed bag of goodies.

As you can see this bag storage adapter is amazingly simple, and readily made by most anyone. Furthermore, I find it pretty useful is storing treats for William. It is perfect for large bags of small candies like jelly beans.