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How to Make Baked Honey Bananas


Recipe: Baked Honey Bananas
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Having a toddler and a healthy living advocate in the house we go through bananas like a circus tent full of monkeys – not that eating bananas is bad.  They are a great source of potassium and really help with the soreness after working too hard at the land.

However, eating one food to extremes can get old and I am always looking for neat new recipes.  As a beekeeper (beehaver is more accurate) I admit I am especially interested in recipes using honey so when I found this baked honey banana recipe I could not wait to try it.

This recipe is so simple written instructions are not necessary, the video is short and is easily followed.  However if you love sweet gooey desserts this recipe is addictive.  It is so easy and tastes so good you may find yourself cooking it often.

Personally, I like taking it to potluck dinners because it is “exotic” I get much more credit than the effort expended is worth.

This easy recipe tastes good, looks good, and is simple, so Baked Honey Bananas wins in every recipe metric.  You owe it to yourself to try this fun recipe.  Its good.

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