Baker’s Rural Community Building Plans

Baker's Rural Community Building Plans

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Rural Community Building Plans is one of Laurie Baker’s books.  As said previously Mr. Baker’s life work was in Architecture and building in rural India.

This is an idea book, In it Baker describes how a town or community can be intentionally built cheaply and with little space.  He shows how a bank, school, clinic, store, etc can be built in less than 1.2 acre for reasonable sums.

I admit that as I look at this I start imagining things at the land.  I would love to have a setup like this.  It would be a great place both for a prepper community compound (especially if walled off) but also a place to teach and hold workshops.

Baker’s Rural Community Building Plans isn’t a construction manual, but I have plenty of those, and a few more Baker books coming to the download section.  What it is a blueprint for a smarter more sustainable community.  A think before you build book.  I believe that if you are building a farm, intentional community, or compound then this book would be of great use.  If you are a dreamer like I am, then this book can fuel some really great planning sessions.

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