Baker’s Rural House Plans

Baker's Rural House Plans

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I have another PDF from Laurie Baker, this one is on Rural House Plans.  In this PDF Baker tells it as he sees it.  He says:

Rural housing is more complex than urban housing as it usually has to cope not only with human beings but with livestock as well.

There is also usually a need for covered space for all sorts of occupations, weaving, basket making, rope making, nets and fishing, food drying and processing etc.

The open space surrounding the house is as important as the house itself and is very much used for cooking, storing, animal, poultry etc.

Present conditions are not happy for providing all this needs – so these plans aim at minimum basic planning with room to expand as and when possible.
Baker worked in rural third world countries, and his plans come from that experience. His plans and instructions are most useful to the owner/builder.

The ideas in this book can be done with little experience in construction. While I like a little more detail in a home building book, this is a good manual for the planning process as it gives a lot of detail on what should be thought about before the build.

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