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Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

Book Review: Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving
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The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is a great little guide to keep with your canning equipment.

It makes a great gift for those new to food preservation and has lots of great (and easy) recipes for those getting started in canning.

There really isn’t a lot to say about Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, it is rather small, but packed with information, has good illustrations, and covers what you need to know to can foods in a safe manner.

This book is what I used to get started canning,

While I made some mistakes when I started canning, it was only when I tried to do it without reading.

Once I decided I better learn rather than experiment and play, this book really helped me understand what was going on, as well as offering me good suggestions and recipes to get me canning safely.

As a prepper, I see all manner of recipes for canning, both hot water canning, and pressure canning.  And I have tried some that are not actually approved as safe.  You can get away with that for a while, the problem is, that you never know when you will have issues.  I recommend this book as every recipe inside it is intrinsically safe – you don’t have to worry about what ifs and botulism.

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  1. Thank you for this great resource! Never forget that humans were preserving food in a natural way, boiling and using salt mostly.

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