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Basic Book of Organic Gardening

Basic Book of Organic Gardening
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As a child I remember my mother and my grandmother working in the garden.  My grandparents worked for a children’s home and were known to have huge gardens to feed the children (and build a work ethic I think)

My mom had this huge green Rodale book on organic gardening, and while she probably doesn’t remember it I do.

Today’s PDF goes back to those gardening days as I am sharing another CD3WD document entitled Basic Book of Organic Gardening

Rodale, the editor of this book is well known in organic gardening, his daughter Maria Rodale is even better known, she is the current CEO of Rodale Inc and the author of several books on organic gardening and environmental stewardship.

It has been known for years that Chinese honey is banned from import into the US because its not honey, but recently the USDA busted a huge fake chinese organic food scam from.

This was bound to happen as Organic food sells at a premium, and is generally sold to people that are accumulating culture points and are not actually connected to the land.  Its easy to go to an expensive market and buy premium food (if you can afford it), it’s much harder to go to the farm and help pluck a chicken….

If you want to be sure your food is organic, don’t trust a marketer, trust the dirt – grow your own.

Basic Book of Organic Gardening
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  1. I always wanted to try organic gardening but I do not have enough knowledge about it and websites can only provide so much. This PDF is really helpful so I could, hopefully, kick off my long-delayed gardening plan.

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