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AL0926 Basic Hydraulic Systems

AL0926 Basic Hydraulic Systems
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AL0926 Basic Hydraulic Systems is a military correspondence course, I have long held the belief that if you absolutely need to know something and cannot fail then get the military to teach you.  Where else can you take a hormone filled teen, take them away from their family, and stick them with other teens, then give them the keys to multimillion dollar tanks missiles, computers, and heavy equipment.  Military training allows us to do that with total confidence that our soldiers will operate that equipment correctly under the stress of combat.

Our military knows training.  We would be fools to not use that skill whenever we can.

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Now that you looked at the course on basic hydraulic systems, and you understand why learn from the military, look at the only thing the military doesn’t teach. Look at the article from my friend Tom Baugh from Starving the Monkeys on “When to Shoot the Colonels“.

IF the military doesn’t have a course on it, then they don’t want it taught.

I have several other similar correspondence courses and military manuals to post. I think that after this week I have 81 more military manuals and documents ready to share.
I have much more than that, but they others haven”t been vetted to ensure I can share, or there are other issues that make them not ready to be published.

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