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How to Lash a Tripod


Basic Lashing - Making a Tripod
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Today I want to talk about how to lash a tripod.

I needed something to hold up some homemade mosquito repellent trays, and all I had was trees and string so…

Lashing is a great skill to have, with some rope and a little knowledge you can make all sorts of useful things.

This is pretty simple and by making a tripod you can easily make other things.

A homesteader, bushcrafter, or prepper should really take time to learn basic lashing.

Remember, a bridge is two large tripods connected by rope.  One tripod inverted over another makes a tower.  You can make a smaller tripods to hold meat over a fire or make a small stand.

How to Lash a Tripod:

  • Start with a Clove Hitch around one pole.
  • Wrap about six racking turns (Racking is the when the rope passes between the poles over one and under the next).
    • This increases the contact between rope and wood and reduces slipping.
  • Next make two or three tight frapping turns in the two gaps.  (Frapping is wrapping around the rope between the sticks – it is 90 degrees to the racking turns).
  • Finish with a Clove Hitch.
  • Cross the two outside poles to form the tripod.


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