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A Basic Medical Kit for a 10-20 Person Shelter

A Basic Medical Kit for a 10-20 Person Shelter
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 I am not really sure where the information in “A Basic Medical Kit for a 10-20 Person Shelter” comes from, it has a watermark from the TACDA Academy, but I do not know who they are.
Regardless, this is good information, and a medical kit is one of the first thing a prepper should acquire.
Additionally, if you are going to build a Bug Out Location, or any other type of shelter you should install a larger first aid kit at that location also.
 The information on building a Basic Medical Kit for a shelter will help you put together a pretty good kit for all types of medical emergencies – disaster related or not.
This PDF contains good information on building a first aid kit for a group.  If you had a daycare, a gym, a firearm range, or any business with people then this information would be applicable at some level.
I find that most knowledge is transferable and that over specialization tends to get people locked into single solutions.  Solutions that may not be the best one.
As they say in law enforcement training circles, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  Use this medical kit information to build a kit, not just a shelter kit.

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