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Basic Suppressor Information

Basic Suppressor Information
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I did a video on suppressors with a local class III dealer, because the use of suppressors is one of the most popular and fastest growing segments in the firearms market today.

It is also a subject rife with mystery, urban myth and just plain wrong information. This PDF from Canadian Tactical on Basic Suppressor Information will cuts through the myth.

Suppressors should be considered safety equipment for American firearms, they don’t magically turn firearms into mafia assassin weapons, nor do they silence the report of a pistol and turn it into a mouse fart.

They do quiet the report of a gun to a less dangerous level, but you still know a gun was fired.

Here in America it is interesting how regulation drives prices.  You can make a decent suppressor for under $100 if you have the skill in metal working, but due to regulation that same suppressor costs $400-$600

I’ve seen $14 bits of metal used to catch solvents dripping from the muzzle of a gun sell for $85 because they magically were made by a licensed company and can be used to make an oil can suppressor.

Now, using the $14 solvent trap as a suppressor is highly illegal but using the $85 dollar one for the same purpose is totally legal – seems like we need more education on the matter so our laws can change to be in line with common sense.

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