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How to Make a Bee Safe Pesticide


How to Make a Bee Safe Pesticide
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I like to garden, and that means I have to deal with insects that like to eat my garden. Being someone interested in sustainable living I really don’t like chemical solutions to my bug problem, additionally because of my bees – I cannot use pesticides without killing my bees.

After doing some research into a bee safe pesticide I found that a spray of Garlic will deter many of the pests eating my plants.

But I have some small fungal problems, and aphid problems so I decided to make a spray that had a few ingredients to deal with multiple problems at the same time.

To make this spray I simply bought the following:

  • Garlic
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Hot Peppers
  • Spray Bottle

The procedure is pretty simple:

  • Crush Garlic
  • Mince Peppers
  • Add both to a pot with a lid
  • Boil in water until both the garlic and peppers are soft
  • Process in a food mill (or alternatively liquefy in a blender
  • You can strain this into a spray bottle and top off with denatured alcohol, but I dumped the entire mix in the sprayer and topped off with the alcohol. As I used the mix, I then was able to refill with alcohol, and get two more uses before the mix became too weak.

Since I have bees, I have to be careful when I spray. The mix won’t kill the bees, but I don’t want garlicy honey. Because of this I sprayed in the evenings, after the field bees went home for the night.
I had very good results with this mix, and I would love to hear your DIY garden mixes.

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