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Beekeeper’s Handbook

Book Review: Beekeeper's Handbook
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It is no secret that I believe that if it is possible then every prepper out to have a beehive or two.

The uses of beeswax, honey, and propolis are almost endless, a hive produces items used for food, alcohol, medicine, light, and craft purposes.

My only concern with beekeeping is that there is a lot to learn.

The book Beekeeper’s Handbook helps with that, it is very accessible, has good illustrations, and has information for the new as well as the experienced beekeeper.

I use this book a lot in my attempts to keep bees, I will admit that while I enjoy watching the bees fly in and out of my hives, I really don’t enjoy beekeeping as much as I enjoy using the products of the hive.

I only bee keep for the preparedness and self-reliance aspects – its not a hobby or a profession with me.  So I welcome any help I can get.  Especially when the manuals I use give me what I need in a very concise manner without a lot of fluff.

I hope that the beekeeper’s handbook is useful to you, as I think it is a pretty good book.

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