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The Big Book of Gardening Skills

Book Review: The Big Book of Gardening Skills
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For beginners & advanced gardeners alike, The Big Book of Gardening Skills is a comprehensive, generously illustrated volume is the complete guide to growing flowers, fruits, herbs, vegetables, lawns, & shrubs.

Clearly organized by topic with added charts, tables, & over 450 illustrations to help you plan, plant, & maintain beautiful, healthy, & productive gardens, this book can be read from cover to cover or by topics.

You can learn the masters’ tips & techniques for just about anything that needs doing in the garden, including: garden basics; info. for large or small gardens; plant selection info.; specialty garden hints; safe organic growing methods; illustrated pest & disease guide; & garden equipment guide.

Growing my own food – by gardening of all types – is my weakness.  I have a black thumb instead of a green one.  But knowing you have a weakness is the start of fixing it.  I use this book to help be diagnose what I did that ended up killing my plants.

This year I used the Big Book of Gardening Skills to help with the spindly tomatoes and pepper seedlings that I started in the house.  It helped me learn to fix it so I could grow them in the garden so I could start my own this year rather than go with seed.

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