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Biogas Technology in the 3rd World

Biogas Technology in the 3rd World
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Biogas Technology in the 3rd World is another fine document from the CD3WD collection.  I don’t know why we don’t use biogas technology more here in the United States.

Anything that was alive can be used to create natural gas that can be used to power engines, cook, and heat homes efficiently and renewably.

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Both methane gas and natural gas have bright futures in the clean-energy market. The natural gas that is widely used to heat residential homes is mostly methane. In fact, natural gas is 70 percent to 90 percent methane, accounting for its high flammability.

The main difference natural gas we use now and methane biogas is that natural gas is fossil based and is therefore non-renewable,

Using well developed technology we could turn our septic systems, landfills, and livestock farms into energy producers.

With the amount that humans use Biogas Technology in the 3rd World I simply don’t know why we don’t do more of it here in the first world.

I tried to use my rabbits to make methane, but I had some issues with the nitrogen/carbon balance – I was working on a solution when my wife decided we needed a break from rabbits.  Well more truthfully, she wanted a nicer looking backyard, she got tired of looking at my tarp setup.

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