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Biogas and Waste Recycling

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Biogas and Waste Recycling, talks about the authors experiences with this technology while working in the Philippenes.

When Liberty Flour Mills, Inc., decided to establish Maya Farms, an integrated livestock farm, meat processing and canning operation in the Antipolo Hills of Rizal province, Philippines, pollution control was an integral part of the planning.

After the various alternative methods were studied, anaerobic fermentation was chosen and adopted. The choice was made on the basis of what I had previously seen of the biogas plants in India and Taiwan. The biogas practitioners in India were enthusiastic about the biogas fuel for cooking and lighting, and in Taiwan, about the savings in their fertilizer bills.

However, what particularly impressed me (the author of the document below) was the absence of foul odor and flies. It was evident that the 4ution of the problem involved expertise in chemistry, microbiology, engineering,etc. It was therefore decided that a group of specialists would work together in a crash development program.

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