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Blast Damage from Nuclear Weapons

Blast Damage from Nuclear Weapons of Larger Sizes
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Blast Damage from Nuclear Weapons of Larger Sizes (1955) is an old Civil Defense Technical Bulletin from the 1950’s.  Its purpose was to educate local and state emergency management directors to allow them to make estimations as to damage without having to make detailed calculations.

Because of this, the small document contains a lot of charts and graphs so that the  information can be retrieved.

Its amazing how the nuclear age came about.  I went to a rad/nuke terrorism response course at the Nevada test site and learned that people actually drove out and sat in bleachers to watch the nuclear tests.  Vegas was called the Atomic city and the actually had tourism to watch the detonations.

There is still a museum to the atomic age in Vegas and it has a lot of information on testing and how people used to think radiation made people stronger.

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