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What is a Blue Line Glock

What is a Blue Line Glock
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A blue line Glock is a Glock packages to be sold to law enforcement personnel.  A Glock dealer is selected to participate in the program and then stocks a certain amount of these “blue line” guns.

The Glock is not any different from a non blue line gun, but it did used to carry an extra magazine in the package.  Now that all Glocks come with 3 magazines that no longer applies.

Blue line guns are only the popular Law Enforcement duty models, so basically full size and compact 9mm, .40 and .45 calibers.  You won’t find a long slide ported 10mm in the blue line.

To me the biggest seller of the blue line gun is that if you present identification showing employment as a police officer, correction officer, or armed security you can get your gun a little cheaper.

The trade off is that quantities are limited, and so is selection.

I have never purchases a blue label Glock because I like the OD green models and since they are not available in this package I tend to get mine in other ways.

A large dealer in south eastern TN (Craigs firearms) has a deal where if you get a letter from the head of your law enforcement agency stating you have public safety duties you can buy one gun a year at contract pricing.  The gun does need to be a duty type gun so it is limited to things like ARs, Shotguns, and duty handguns.  This is normally how I get mine.

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