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Blueprints: .50 Caliber Target Rifle Plans

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This PDF is a set of .50 Caliber Target Rifle Plans.  It is how to build drawings & information from Gunmetal designs.

This is book of 19 pages detailing how to build a single shot bolt action rifle to shoot the Browning .50 MG cartridge.

The author assumes you will purchase a barrel and does not detail the stock, but does provide concise machining instruction for the metal parts and how to assemble.

The action is basic turn bolt with two locking lugs that lock immediately behind the chamber, the receiver is based on 2 1/8″ diameter steel material, milling and lathe operations are required to build.

Its not the easiest thing to build, but if you have a lathe and know how to use it, building your own .50 Caliber Target Rifle is a great thing to do.

Browning .50 Target Rifle (BMG) – GunMetal Designs – Blueprints



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