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Body weight Exercise Cards Review

Gear Review: Body weight Exercise Cards
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I got these body weight exercise cards for my wife because she is serious about getting healthy and loosing weight.  Personally I use my fat as warmth in the winter.  When I got these cards she was not in the mood to do a video and right before I made the video I made her mad – so instead of actually seeing these really cool cards in use you get me talking about it.

I like the cards, but I don’t like ya’ll enough to show myself sweating an cursing trying to do a sit-up.

These cards are really good though, if I am serious about it.  they make exercising easier because they have clear instructions, accurate pictures, and easy to follow workouts.

I like training cards like these, they don’t take up a lot of space and are simple to use.  Cards are also pretty cost effective.  I have card decks for wild plant identification, dry fire firearm training, and of course lots of scenario cards from conflicted.

I think they are worth buying, even if I got my set from tomoson for a review.  I did not get paid for my opinion, but I did get these body weight exercise cards at a discount in exchange for this review.

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