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Used Book Store Find and Prepper Tip

Used Book Store Find and Prepper Tip
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Used book stores are great for finding reference books at a great discount. I think books are a great way to store up information that may be needed in disaster situations.

Without Cable TV or the Internet, cheap books are the best way to get both information and entertainment.

We have a cool place that buys used books and gives store credit, and I found a very reasonable late edition of the Physician’s Desk Reference. Normally these books cost $75-100 but since I traded in some fiction books, I basically got it free.

We have some articles discussing some books that we think every prepper needs

Some of my best books were found in the used book store, I think that is because the threshold for exploring is so much lower.  In a new book store I don’t want to take the chance on a book at $20, but I will definitely pick up the same book for a dollar or two.

The best thing about the used book stores I go to is that I can turn back in all the books that are either not useful, or are fiction books I read but did not connect with (I keep all the Louis L’Amour, Steven Hunter, and Mad Mike Williamson books I buy so that I can share them with the boy as he grows up) and get store credit.  I have all manner of store credit coupons in my wallet that I use whenever I have a trip to Nashville and have time to kill.

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