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How to Bottle Feed Baby Goats


Nipple fot How to Bottle Feed Baby Goats
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I wanted to share my families experiences with our first time bottle feeding baby goats.

I am no expert in goats, our two Nubian bucklings are my first ever foray into the world of goat roping (although I did rope a goat in Tunisia once – but they would not let me bring it back on ship (USS Saipan MEU 24)…

My wife did raise Boar goats with her parents when she was a teen, and the thing that sealed the deal on my desire to propose was a picture of her holding a sick baby goat and attempting to heal it.

The other day one of the Facebook groups I am a member of had a post where a family had wanted to give away some baby bucklings for free – and since my wife had been wanting to get my boy something to learn to take care of, and I wanted goats and did not want to spend $1500 on an Australian Shepherd, I convinced my bride I would help her bottle feed each morning at 5 am.

Unfortunately I had to leave the next morning to spend some time at the academy getting certified in some new instructor skills so I have not really had the opportunity to get out the nice warm bed and brave the cold and the rain to bottle feed these goats.

My wife, however, has had more experience lately than she bargained for, and has some words to say on the matter:

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