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Break In

Break In
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I don’t know the author of today’s PDF, but we share a lot of the same mentality when it comes to home invasions. The PDF Break in shares some tips for dealing with the aftermath of a self defense shooting after someone breaks into your home.

I have covered this topic before in several articles.

In the post don’t clear alone, I showed why you should pick a spot to defend rather than try to search for the intruder,

In should you shoot to wound. We discussed warning shots and the difference between shoot to kill and shoot to stop.

I have a lot more to say on the subject and have an entire category of self defense writing on the subject.
that should not surprise anyone, as I was a firearm instructor long before I was a author.

As a matter of fact this site was first started to help advertise my handgun carry permit courses.

If you want my best article on the concept of dealing with people breaking into your home when you are there, my post on a home defense plan goes hand in hand with the PDF below.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Break In”]

If those articles and the PDF still don’t satisfy, I highly recommend the book shown at the top of this article.  Jim Cobb is a great author and a defensive firearm expert.

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