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How to Use a Brush Axe as a Debarking Spud


Brush Axe as a Debarking Spud
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Debarking Spuds are used like a paint scraper or chisel to slide between the wood and bark layers of a freshly cut tree in order to peel the bark off. I have always wanted to own a Debarking Spud, but never had a need to spend the money for one. The main characteristic of a Debarking Spud is the flat sharp end that can slide under the bark and leverage it up.

I have used a Floor Scraper as a Debarking Spud, but today I wanted to try something different.

What is a Brush Axe

Brush axes are normally used in areas that are too grown over to use a traditional axe, but are too thick for machetes. When we were clearing the farm, cutting thorn bushes and vines with a machete was painful.  However, a long handled brush axe allows the work to be done outside the range of the stickers.

Brush axes typically are much thinner than traditional axes.  Some have a sharpened tip that can be used as a scraper.

Brush Axe as a Debarking Spud
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While working to get power to the farm, the utility company strongly suggested we cut one of the large pine trees on the property to mitigate the threat of it falling on the new line.

Not wanting to waste such a nice tree, James decided to try to peel the bark off of the 60 foot pine. Since I was not planning on doing much that trip besides get the electric pole installed I did not bring my draw knife or other wood-crafting tools.

James was not deterred.  He went to my tool barrel and found the first thing that had a “flat” sharpened edge.

As soon as James started working the bark I realized he had a great work around.  The brush axe did not work as well as the proper tool.  In just a few hours, he stripped about 40 feet of the log.

All in all I was impressed with the improvised use of this tool.  For that reason. I want to share not only what we did.

Ultimately, the importance of keeping an open mind and looking at possible functions is most important.

Always be flexible enough to find your own solutions.

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