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Bug Out Truck and Sawmill Trailer

Bug Out Truck
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I am not a fan of the idea of bugging out, I would much rather stay where I have all my stuff, but in a disaster you may not always get to choose what you get to do.

I recently bought a contact truck that I plan on making into a bug out truck.  Well, actually I plan on making it a camping/slash tool truck so I don’t have to keep realizing I am at the land with the tool I need at my home, or at home and the tool I need at the land.

I figure one side’s boxes will be tools, the other side’s boxes will be camping equipment and pioneer gear.

Besides the bug out truck I also bought an old boat trailer to make a  sawmill trailer for my lumber-smith sawmill.

This project is pretty important to me because I can’t seem to get the track how I want it.  Plus I tend to spend a morning setting up the track and then have to move the sawmill.

By building a contained sawmill trailer that carries the mill and doubles as a track it will make it much easier for me to use.

If I combine the sawmill with my bug out truck I can leave in a minute and wherever I go I will have tools to become a productive member of whatever place I land.

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