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How to Build a 22 Zip Gun: PDF Download

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This document on how to build a 22 zip gun is not for actual use.  It is my opinion that building such a gun from this document is well past the point of acceptable danger.

I am all for experimentation and I am tolerate of a fair amount of risk.  However, when making a “gun” like this you must understand that at some point it will explode.  The problem I have is that you just don’t know if it will be at the first shot or the 20th.

Add to the fact that this is an updated txt file from the days of the anarchist cookbook and you realize this was probably written by a high school kid that never actually built it and you see my hesitancy.

However, if you want zip gun plans, then this is a start on your search.

A better place to start learning how to build homemade guns would be from authors like Holmes and Luty.  Not everyone has the skill or the tools to make a 22 machine pistol like Holmes does, but almost every person has the ability to make something between the document below and the fully functional gun listed above.

Making guns is a satisfying endeavor, it is interesting, rewarding, and legal.  However, if you are going to build firearms, please take a moment to look up and understand the laws of your jurisdiction so that you do not get yourself in trouble.  More importantly use common sense you you don’t get your self maimed.

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