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How to Build Your Own Camping Van Like A Pro Camper?

How to Build Your Own Camping Van Like A Pro Camper?
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It is very difficult for normal people to buy their own camping van because of its high price.

To reduce cost you may try to build your own camping van.  DIY is trickier but at the same time, it makes it more affordable.

It is advisable for common people to choose the second option.  i.e. building their camping van and spend the rest of the money in other amenities.

It requires too much patience and hard work in making camper cargo trailer and so on the blog below; there is a mention about the same.

Building the Exterior Vehicle

While you are preparing the base vehicle for your camping van, the very first step involves cleaning the entire vehicle.

At the same time, it is important for you to check if there is the presence of rust, dents, paint or any other kind of body damage.  If there is then you have to make sure to repair it entirely.  Also, if you are thinking of getting camping, lab-roof top tent then do it right now.

Doing the Interior Work

How to Build Your Own Camping Van Like A Pro Camper?It is usually seen that the delivery vans come along with bulk heads following the front row of the seating. You can fasten some of the bulk heads with the help of screws.  However, some of them need welding.

Now is the time for insulation.  This is important as it protects the van from the exterior noise and temperature.

For perfect insulation, you can make use of:

  • Armaflex
  • Rock wool
  • Natural sheep wool

Completing the Water Work

Normally a camper van comprises of a simple cold water running system along with extra water canisters that are stored under the sink. Also, there is a presence of submersible water pump that will pump the water up when the tap is turned on.

The water tanks are available in different shapes and sizes.  Additionally, you can store them as per your need and design of the van. Lastly, it is very important to connect everything with the help of flexible housing.

Finishing the Gas and Electricity Work

It is highly important to note that the gas and electricity installation work should be done by professionals only. If you install propane gas in your van, you can use it for cooking, heating and also run a three-way fridge.

It is very important to store the propane gas bottles in a separate space and vent the place from the bottom. It is necessary to vent the bottom place as the weight of propane gas is more than air, and so it will tend to go down.

Building your camping van like a pro is not at all an easy task but requires too much patience and hard work. At the same time, it requires a little amount of money, and you can easily spend the rest of the amount in other necessities. To make your van you have to consider many things and follow the step by step guide. Starting right from the exterior work to building the furniture, every small step is very important.

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