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Free PDF: How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer

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I have put a lot of thought on how to build a solar crop dryer.  I built my own based on this plan and was happy with the design.  Mine worked well, and lasted a long time.  My only issue was my departure from the plan when I made my drying racks.  I never was happy with the ones I designed, and pride kept me from trying the ones in the plan.

food drying offers nothing new to the process except increased convenience and control. Sun drying focd is probably one of the oldest means of food preservation and, in times past, undoubtedly one of the more frustrating.

Why read How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer?  Imagine the women watching in desperation as the wind scattered her drying string bean crop . . . or the one who came home late to find her drying peaches soaked by dew or rain — that is, the ones the birds and insects had left her . . . or the one who served up dried apricots replete with a soft coating of dust.

Without a doubt, a large solar dehydrator like the one in this How To PDF is easier to use and gives a better quality of produce than improvised methods.

How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer
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