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Building a Slam Bang Shotgun

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Building a Slam Bang Shotgun is a right of passage for many aspiring gunsmiths and gun enthusiasts.  the concept is simple and the execution easy.  I remember first reading about it in an old army many on improvised weapons.  This idea of a slam bang shotgun has been recreated by many folks and has been placed in print very often (like the document below).

A guy on YouTube calling himself Royalnunsuch has made a name for himself with various gun builds starting with many versions of this.

The idea is pretty simple, by a quirk of design the inner diameter of certain pipe happens to be close to the outer diameter of a 12 guage shotgun shell.  Luckily the inner diameter of a larger pipe happens to be close to the ID of the first pipe.  meaning you can affix a firing pin to the end of the big pipe, slide a shotgun shell into the smaller one, and slam the small pipe down the large pipe and WAL-LA Slam = Bang.

If you want to affix handles and stocks and all manner of other things, go ahead.  Its not hard.

Its called the four winds shotgun because back in the day, when used you could dissasemble it during yoru get away and throw each part “to the four winds”.

Improvised Slam Bang Shotgun

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