Food Storage: Bulk Chicken Freezing Tip

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Food Storage: Bulk Chicken Freezing Tip

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I love buying in bulk, it is easier, cheaper, and lets me focus on more important things than weekly shopping lists.

The people at Zaycon help me with this, because I have not found a better source for bulk chicken.

However, the chicken comes fresh and packed in four 10 pound bags in a large 40 pound box which means when you bring it home you have to process it for storage.

I have had good results canning the chicken, but our lifestyle is better suited to just freezing the chicken in family sized portions, 1.5 or 2 breasts in a ziplock bag is a perfect amount for most of our go-to recipes.

This video shows a tip to help with bulk chicken freezing.  This is a pretty neat tip, and I have used for all manner of things besides chicken.

It works because the weight of the air above us has a weight of about 14 pounds.  This presses on the water.  The weight of the water, and the atmosphere on the water, compresses the water against the sides of the plastic bag, forcing extra air out of the bag to give a good vacuum seal.

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