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Should you Buy Welding Materials in Bulk?

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Being in the welding industry can be expensive. With the cost of labor, parts, and maintenance fee increasing drastically every year, one must find ways on how they can save.

Although people in the welding industry are aware of the necessity of a regular preventive maintenance of every welding tool they have, they still make the same mistake of skipping maintenance check schedule to save money.

The common misconception of other people in the welding industry business is they can save a lot if they will skip regular maintenance check or do it when only when problems already arise.

Remember to always follow the scheduled routine preventive maintenance by the welding tool’s manufacturer to make sure that your tools are well greased, calibrated, and still emitting the right amount of electricity. Failure to check these will result in fewer good quality welds, or severe damage to the tools that would cost you more than maintenance would.

Here are some frequently asked questions in knowing how to save efficiently and how you can preserve the longevity of your welding materials.

How will you know if its time to buy new welding materials, or stick with the ones you already have?

If you have been skipping manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance for quite a while now and decided to bring your welding tools all of a sudden because you are experiencing problems already, then there’s a possibility that you’ll be needing a new one.

Welding tools all have specific life spans, and if you don’t take care of it, there’s a high chance that it will not meet its designated age.

Should you Buy Welding Materials One Time or the Same Time Every Year?

The answer is depending on the number of usages. If you are using it for your daily job, then it is better to have the welding materials changed every year. But if the materials were well maintained and you are not experiencing any issues with it, use it as it is.

These are the welding materials and their necessity for annual replacement or stocking:

  • Welding rod – check your welding rod for any chipped off metals and other damages. If there are already damages, then replace these immediately. A faulty welding rod can cause insufficient power distribution that might result in a bad quality welds.
  • Solid wire – solid wire is a consumable part of a welding tool that you should buy regularly or until you run out.
  • SAW wire – is another consumable and need replacements as soon as it runs out. It is recommended to have one readily available.
  • Strip electrode – this can be consumed a bit longer compared to the wire, although it is better to have one stock just in case you used it all up.
  • SAW flux – you can buy it only once since the storage for this one is easy.

How often should you replace welding protection gears and accessories?

Welding security accessories and gears need regular replacement due to the number of times of usage. Since this is your protection against the hazards of welding, it is the one to take in significant blows, making it easily worn out.

Safety materials for welding such as gloves are the very first to make contact in dangerous substances. That is why it is recommended to replace your gloves every year, especially if you’re part of the welding industry where you use it almost every day of the year.

Is a backup generator required in small welding industries?

Although having a backup generator is not required, it is still better to have one. Even if there are several reasons as to why a backup generator is crucial, it is not thoroughly critical if you do welding as a hobby for artworks and other small jobs.

 Tips on Buying:

  • Make sure that all the welding materials and accessories you’ll buy adhere to the implemented welding codes to guarantee the safety and quality of each one. Check the code which is written frequently in the box, or buy only from trusted brands or sellers.
  • When buying any welding materials, always check for reviews and opinions of comparison from other welders. It is important to have a head’s up on what particular brand to buy, and the ease of returning it if a problem should arise.
  • Know which welding materials to buy for specific equipment.


Welding industry has been known to make manufacturers bleed money due to the expenses that come along with it. But if you will only be smarter and stick with the rules, you will find yourself spending only on the necessary things. You can save by being cautious and observant of your welding devices and materials.

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