Camera Wind Noise Reduction Experiment

Camera Wind Noise Reduction Experiment

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I have gotten some complaints on my YouTube videos of annoying noises. I hate that, as I try to make my videos useful as well as entertaining. Unfortunately I am limited in equipment. My video camera is not an actual video camera, but a digital camera that can take video. This means my microphone is built into the top of the camera and is highly susceptible to wind noise.

I want to buy a good video camera with a jack for a removable microphone, but until prices come down, or the wife becomes willing to trade WT in for a camera I am stuck with what I have.

However, since I know the cause of the noise I figured I would try to come up with something to mitigate the problem.

Many microphones have a foam cover to reduce wind noise, unfortunately that won’t work for my camera.

But, if simply reducing wind flow can reduce noise, I figured if I made a tube to fit the camera in, then the large tube could stop wind flowing over the microphone as long as the camera was not directly upwind or downwind.

I went to the local dollar store and bought a single sheet of poster board, folded it in half to strengthen it, and then taped it into a tube.

I then poked the tripod screw through the tape, and screwed the camera into the tripod in such a way as to clamp the edges of the cardboard between the camera and the tripod.

As long as the camera/cardboard contraption is perpendicular to the wind, I hypothesized that the wind noise would be reduced, and I could then shoot more footage at the range.

It worked, not perfectly, but much better.

I still want a better camera, but with this new solution, I get to keep my first born son…

*Update – the joke about trading my first born is not as funny reading this the month my first boy turns 3.  I’d rather keep him than any other thing around – and in the event he ever reads this – I think he should know that….


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