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Camera Wind Noise Reduction Experiment

Camera Wind Noise Reduction Experiment
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I have gotten some complaints on my YouTube videos of annoying noises. I hate that, as I try to make my videos useful as well as entertaining. Unfortunately I am limited in equipment. My video camera is not an actual video camera, but a digital camera that can take video. This means my microphone is built into the top of the camera and is highly susceptible to wind noise.

I want to buy a good video camera with a jack for a removable microphone, but until prices come down, or the wife becomes willing to trade WT in for a camera I am stuck with what I have.

However, since I know the cause of the noise I figured I would try to come up with something to mitigate the problem.

Many microphones have a foam cover to reduce wind noise, unfortunately that won’t work for my camera.

But, if simply reducing wind flow can reduce noise, I figured if I made a tube to fit the camera in, then the large tube could stop wind flowing over the microphone as long as the camera was not directly upwind or downwind.

I went to the local dollar store and bought a single sheet of poster board, folded it in half to strengthen it, and then taped it into a tube.

I then poked the tripod screw through the tape, and screwed the camera into the tripod in such a way as to clamp the edges of the cardboard between the camera and the tripod.

As long as the camera/cardboard contraption is perpendicular to the wind, I hypothesized that the wind noise would be reduced, and I could then shoot more footage at the range.

It worked, not perfectly, but much better.

I still want a better camera, but with this new solution, I get to keep my first born son…

*Update – the joke about trading my first born is not as funny reading this the month my first boy turns 3.  I’d rather keep him than any other thing around – and in the event he ever reads this – I think he should know that….

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  1. Tom Tom

    I wonder if you’re not able to set it up perpendicular to the wind to get your shot or the wind changes “angle of attack” or the wind is simply too strong if you might get a harmonic or some vibration in the tube that would be audible?

    I also wonder, if the wind speed happens to be just right, you might get a whistle effect? Something similar to what happens when you blow across the mouth of a bottle at just the right “wind speed”.

    An idea for an alternate to cardboard – egg crate or another type of foam? Like you said, most wind breaks are foam (or the “mop” style). Using foam to make the tube might filter, rather than block, the wind sound. A thick enough piece of foam should be able to block it all.

    Whatever you use to block the wind, if you still have wind noise on the audio track, you can always use an old trick – apply a high pass filter. Most video editing apps have that, but if not, export the track to Audigy or another audio editing app, apply the filter, then replace the audio track in the video editor.

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