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How to Remove the Ends of a Soda Can Smoothly

Can Cutting Tip
Can Cutting Tip

This is a simple can cutting tip that allows a budding metalworker, artist, or upcycler to quickly, easily, and safely remove the tops and bottoms of soda cans so that they can make sheets of thin aluminum for projects.

To cut the tops off of soda cans all you need to do is to use a can opener to bite around the edges of the tops and bottoms of the cans.  A safety opener works best so that you don’t have sharp edges, but I use a normal one.

I know that is pretty simplistic, but I cannot tell you how many cans I buggered up over the years trying to use a knife to start a cut so I could make a sheet of aluminum for some stupid project I was working on.

I have used this on several projects, and I am thinking about using it to experiment with aluminum shingles.

When I was a young boy scout working on my metalworking merit badge, a tip like this would have made my projects much easier.

Since aluminum can’s don’t melt well in a furnace, using them as sheet is the best way to reuse the metal.

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