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Recipe: Candy Corn Trail Mix (Tastes like a Payday Bar)

Recipe: Candy Corn Trail Mix (Tastes like a Payday Bar)
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For being as big as I am, and for the amount of dessert posts I write here, you would think I am a candy junkie but besides a few things like Cheesecake and snickers I really don’t like sweets.  However, I do like payday bars for quick energy when out working  (I would prefer snickers, but the chocolate melts in the heat).

One thing I do dislike is candy corn – its like eating flavored lumps of sugar – however a co worker that ALWAYS has the best recipes (She is a human pinterest post) brought in “Candy Corn Trail Mix” and offered me some.  I turned her down until she mentioned it tasted just like a payday bar.

After grabbing a handful and realizing it DID taste just like a payday bar I told her that if she did not start posting to YouTube, blogging, or pinning her recipes I was going to steal this one (just like I have several of her other ideas).

She said for me to go ahead so I am going to share the simplest candy corn trail mix recipe that you can make.


Mix equal amounts of candy corns and peanuts together to make the Candy Corn Trail Mix.

That’s it – this is simple and if you add it to your regular trail mix you get the quick energy of the sugar and the sustained energy from the peanuts.

It also totally changes the flavor of you trail mix so you don’t get bored.

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