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Canning Foods UT Extension PB 724

Canning Foods UT Extension PB 724
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Canning Foods UT Extension PB 724 comes from the Agricultural Extension office of the University of Tennessee.  I love the UT Extension, they have all manner of great resources for farmers, homesteaders, and preppers.

When canning, you should always start with extension office information, the recipes and guides are scientifically proven to destroy any pathogens that will get you sick (or dead).  They are extremely conservative in their methods.

From the introduction:

Preserving food is more than an art; it is a science Scientists and home economists have established that certain procedures are essential for a given food to make it safe, as well as retain its color, flavor, texture and nutrients Standard recipes are designed with these research ndings in mind and, when carefully followed, insure both a high-quality and a safe product

Food is preserved by using methods that destroy or hinder the growth of microorgan- isms, such as molds, yeast and bacteria ese organisms may be present in the soil, on the food, in the air, on equipment or on work surfaces

Yeasts, molds and bacteria must be destroyed during processing to prevent the food from spoiling e correct amount of time to process varies with the kind of food Su cient heat for a speci ed length of time kills microorganisms and insures a safe product Processing also helps to secure an airtight seal when using closures containing sealing compound

Preventing enzymatic changes in food is another concern when preserving food Enzymes are chemical substances found in all animals and plants ese enzymes aid in
the maturing and ripening processes If not destroyed or inactivated, enzymes cause changes in color, avor and texture In the canning process, enzymes are destroyed by heat

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