Car Seat Emergency Sticker

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Car Seat Emergency Sticker

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I do these videos and articles months in advance, if I did not do so I would run the risk of getting busy and missing deadlines. As I write this for September, it is actually May. I have posts I am working on right now that you won’t read until early 2016. This means that some posts get bumped, or I have ideas that never see the light of day, but I just discovered this post on pinterest late last week and I jumped on it and bumped a lot of stuff because I think it is exactly what risk management is – getting the most safety from the least effort.

If something happens to my wife and I and we would not be able to speak – this Car Seat Emergency Sticker will give any first responders the information they would need to get emergency care for W.T. This is especially useful as his verbal communication skills are limited to saying “mow mow” when asked what the kitty says…

So what we are going to do is put emergency contact information on a car seat. We are printing out important information to stick on the car seat just in case.

I just made a page that contained vital information that someone might need to know in the event that we ever had a wreck and I was unable to communicate with responders.

I then printed them on regular paper, covered them with clear packing tape and taped one to the side of every car seat we have.


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