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Gear Review: CAT Tourniquet Review


Gear Review: CAT Tourniquet Review and Contest
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I Just took an Active Shooter course that recommend CAT Tourniquets.  Right after I get the chance to not only review one.  Its funny how that works

This CAT tourniquet is a proven design that allows someone to apply it to themselves using only one hand.  However, it is not the original.

It is under $20, and sturdy enough for the use it was designed for.

I am going to put one in my tool bag (where I am most likely hurt myself), as well as put one in my range bag.

I certainly cannot recommend having one enough.

Finally, If you are interested in first aid, I have a lot of items in that field both articles and in PDF downloads.

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  1. Charles Mason Charles Mason

    Great idea. I’ll be ordering for my kit.

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