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Catalog of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork

Catalog of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork
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This PDF Catalog of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork can be used by the blacksmith to get ideas and patterns for making items out of iron.

If you are a high tech blacksmith, then pinterest also has some good pins of wrought iron patterns.

Wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale. Many products described as wrought iron, such as guardrails, garden furniture and gates, are actually made of mild steel.  They retain that description because they are made to resemble objects which in the past were worked by hand by a blacksmith although many decorative iron objects, including fences and gates, were often cast rather than wrought. (so says wikipedia)

An interesting article outlining the process of making decorative ironwork from drawings can be found on the website of Cassidy Brother’s Forge.

Mass production removes the commercial utility of a blacksmith – you can buy a thousand nails from a big box store for the price of a few handmade nails from a blacksmith.

However, the creativity and art of hand worked iron can still earn a blacksmith a living.

Making scroll work is a way for a smith to turn his investment of time building skill to financial profit.

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