Free PDF: NWS Basic Spotters Field Guide

NWS Basic Spotters Field Guide
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Why get the Basic Spotters Field Guide, Did you know that the United States is the most severe weather prone country in the world. Each year, people in this country cope with an average of 10,000 thunderstorms, 5,000 floods, 1,200 tornadoes, and two landfalling hurricanes. Approximately 90% of all presidentially declared disasters are weather-related, causing around 500 deaths each year and nearly $14 billion in damage.

SKYWARN® is a National Weather Service (NWS) program developed in the 1960s that consists of trained weather spotters who provide reports of severe and hazardous weather to help meteorologists make life-saving warning decisions. Spotters are concerned citizens, amateur radio operators, truck drivers, mariners, airplane pilots, emergency management personnel, and public safety officials who volunteer their time and energy to report on hazardous weather impacting their community. Continue reading “Free PDF: NWS Basic Spotters Field Guide”

Free PDF: Declaration of Independence & Constitution

Declaration of Independence & Constitution
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I carried a personal copy of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution in my pocket for decades, I only stopped because I went back to the prison and they don’t allow me to bring in any reading material in any form (good rule – you don’t want staff in a prison reading when they should be paying attention to inmates).

It is one of my strongest beliefs that every American citizen has the responsibility to understand the concepts and intent behind our founding documents. Continue reading “Free PDF: Declaration of Independence & Constitution”

Free PDF: Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab (1926)

Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab (1926)
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I bought the kid a chemistry set for Christmas and was very disappointed in the the available choices.

There aren’t any real beginner chemistry sets on the market, none.

If you want to do basic chemistry – for water testing, experiments, learning, making homemade fire retardants, smoke bombs, or whatever purpose you are on your own.

Unless you go back in time and use documents like the 1926 book Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab. Continue reading “Free PDF: Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab (1926)”

Free PDF: on Being Prepared for Bug Out

Advice on Being Prepared for Bug Out
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Advice on Being Prepared for Bug Out is a simple one page PDF with some information on the reasons for being ready to get out of dodge.

Most of it is common sense, and I covered a lot of it already, especially in in my bug out binder chapter of 52 Prepper Projects. Continue reading “Free PDF: on Being Prepared for Bug Out”

Free PDF: A Short History of the Confederate States

A short history of the confederate states of america
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I haven’t read this book yet, actually, with the thousands of files I am trying to sort and eventually upload I find little time to actually read any of them.  I just try to sort, check for copyrights, and ensure the content is not overtly inaccurate.  I have deleted some files I received that contained white supremacist recruitment materials.  Some may dislike the history of this country and may want our war memorials destroyed.  This is our history, and the Civil War was not a simple single issue war.  Most of those who fought for Southern Independence did so for the same reasons their grandfathers fought England.  They did not do it for slavery. Continue reading “Free PDF: A Short History of the Confederate States”