Free PDF: Gardening for Better Nutrition

Gardening for Better Nutrition
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Gardening for Better Nutrition is the second in a series of manuals on ‘Socially Appropriate Technology’, whose purpose is to discuss technology from the social aspect. In this they differ from nearly all other appropriate technology literature, which describes materials, techniques, and principles of technology, but not the practice of technology in specific social circumstances, and rarely the organization of specific technical projects. Continue reading “Free PDF: Gardening for Better Nutrition”

Free PDF: How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer

How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer
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I have put a lot of thought on how to build a solar crop dryer.  I built my own based on this plan and was happy with the design.  Mine worked well, and lasted a long time.  My only issue was my departure from the plan when I made my drying racks.  I never was happy with the ones I designed, and pride kept me from trying the ones in the plan. Continue reading “Free PDF: How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer”