Free PDF: 1840 Book of Archery

1840 Book of Archery
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Like the sword book posted earlier, I am sharing this Archery manual because many preppers want to have non-firearm defensive skills.  Also like the sword book, I hope we never HAVE to have these skills.

Unlike the sword manual, Archery has modern uses.  Hunting is still done with bows, and is very popular.
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Free PDF: 1894 North American Bows and Arrows

North American Bows and Arrows
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This is not the only archery download on this website, I like archery, and even though I have not spent to the time necessary to be good at it, I have spent enough time practicing to recognize the skill it takes to competently use a bow.

In America archery developed differently than in Europe, so North American bows and arrows look different and have different characteristics.
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