Recipe Chicken with Vinegar

Chicken with VinegarToday’s recipe of cooking chicken with vinegar is a pretty basic cooking skill.  This of method cooking meat “Adobo” is a cultural cooking process from the Philippines, where meat is marinated in vinegar, browned, and then simmered in the marinade. This process is worthwhile for preppers, homesteaders, or outdoorsmen to know because leftovers keep well without refrigeration because the vinegar inhibits bacteria.

In my experience it softens up tough meat, and I especially like using this process with rabbit.  As a matter of fact, I make “chicken with vinegar” far more often with rabbit more than I do with chicken. Continue reading “Recipe Chicken with Vinegar”

DIY Autoclave from A Pressure Cooker

DIY Autoclave from A Pressure Cooker
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A pressure canner allows you to create very hot temperatures by adding heat to steam under pressure, this allows pressure canners to be used for all sorts of things.

In this post we will use it to sterilize equipment. An autoclave is used in hospitals and doctor’s offices to sterilize equipment, and while I am not advocating using this to sterilize equipment for home surgery – being able to sterilize things (for brewing as an example) is very useful Continue reading “DIY Autoclave from A Pressure Cooker”