Guest Post: Preppers Guide to Preparing for Reality

The community of preppers grew in 2008 with the launch of My Patriot Supply as a leading Online resource and retailer helping U.S. citizens prepare for the worst should a natural disaster or ‘doomsday’ scenario occur. The retailer has become a major part of the preppers community over the course of its first decade in operation.  If you want help preparing for reality, then this company can provide that help.

The community of preppers has largely been misunderstood because of a small number of mainstream TV shows which choose to portray this growing number of Americans as unhinged or worse. However, the majority of preppers are simply concerned citizens who understand a breakdown in society can occur at any time through a natural weather event such as a tornado or hurricane or can take a larger form should an attack on the U.S. create major infrastructure problems. The majority of preppers are not spending their time worrying over the zombie apocalypse arriving but are instead watching The Weather Channel and the news to monitor the global political situation. Continue reading “Guest Post: Preppers Guide to Preparing for Reality”

Guest Post: How to Prepare for War at Home

HOW TO PREPARE FOR WAR AT HOMEThe attack in Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust and the Death March are worst nightmare a human person could imagine in his existence and no would ever want that to recur in this modern era.

War will always be the worst nightmare a person could ever think of. It can severely effect on the health and well-being of the country and the families living in the nation.
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