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CDC Radiological Terrorism Clinician Pocket Guide

This CDC Radiological Terrorism Clinician Pocket Guide helps doctors identify and treat casualties of radiological terrorism.

This isn’t the flu or a broken bone that doctors are used to seeing, so having a quick reference is important in ensuring quality care.

The doctor is not going to sit and read off this guide as he sits with you, but a quick once over in his office can refresh a memory and help the doctor recall lectures from medical school.

I was lucky to attend a DOE course at Oak Ridge National Laboratories on pre-hospital care and transport and got to learn the specifics of radiological safety for paramedics and ambulance crews.

It was a great course and I still recall most of the material but I’d like a quick glance over my notes before packaging a bunch off contaminated patients and throwing them in the car with me.  That is the idea behind this pocket guide.

Clinician Pocket Guide


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