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CETME Firearm Manual

Cetme Firearm Manual
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I used to have a CETME.  As a matter of fact I had a good time modifying it with G-3 parts.  I did a video on the roller system, as well as changing out the wood stock for a set of green hardware.

I like how reliable these guns are once they are tuned up, but their ability to shoot comes with a price.  You can’t reload the ammunition because of the way the chamber is made.

If you want to work on these guns, and if you own one your going to become a CETME gunsmith as most of them were rebuilt by Century Arms (also known as the factory filled with monkeys with sledgehammers) the place I got most of my parts was Apex Gun Parts  another place I used was Robertrtg neither of these companies have a business relationship with beyond my buying parts from them.  I just wanted to give you a place to go to get parts if you decide to work on one of these guns.

I really liked my CETME, I only sold it because I need to buy the contact truck so I could carry tools back and forth to the land.

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