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Free PDF: Characteristics and Management of Selected Bioterrorism Agents

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In another life I received a lot of training on WMD, I have some fond memories of being suited up and running through exercises down at the old Anniston Army base hospital.  Luckily for us all I never had to use that training in real life.  Bioterrorism scares me.  Especially when a recent North Korean defector comes across the border with an apparent vaccination against anthrax.

This PDF will give you some insight into the Characteristics and Management of Selected Bioterrorism Agents.  If you don’t know how to recognize them, how can you protect yourself against them.

That is pretty important when a couple thousand dollars and a little bit of knowledge can allow some crazy, terrorist, or zelot to make a weapon powerful enough to kill cities.  I have done book reviews on this subject before, but good books on this subject tend to be very expensive and complicated.  You do not have to be a doctor to know how serious biological terrorism is.

I hope you take the time to learn how to protect yourself from this threat.

The link below opens a PDF table of characteristics and management of selected bioterrorism agents

Characteristics and Management of Selected Bioterrorism Agents
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