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How to Improvise a Cheap T-Post Puller


Cheap DIY T-Post Puller
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A snaplink can improvised into a T-Post Puller

I needed to pull some old T-posts out of the ground where I used to have a chicken run. I want to use them down at Dual Homestead, and new ones cost over $6 new.

To reuse my T-Posts I needed a cheap DIY T-Post Puller, as the commercial one I wanted to buy a little metal T-Post puller for $20  as the post poppers cost upwards of $50, but all the CO-OPs around here close at noon on Saturday.

Looking around the workbench I found a cheap solution.  I used a couple of shackles, a little bit of chain, and a large snap link.

I was very pleased at how well this Cheap DIY T-Post Puller worked. It did not bend a single post, and they all came out nice. Of course the one T-Post I did on camera was where I had the old Rabbit cage, so the dirt was a lot softer.  In the back the old coop was in the drain field.  This meant there were a lot of rocks in and around the posts, so they were a little harder to pull out.

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