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How to Use Dog Food as a Cheap Fish Food

Cheap Fish Food
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The system is working pretty well, if I spent more money on a true indoor grow light I would be doing much better. However, I am spending a lot on electricity and wanted to save some money.

But what is really saving me some money is how I feed my fish. Since Tilapia are really just a different breed of tropical cichlids you buy at the fish store I was feeding the fingerlings tropical fish food. That was expensive.

I wanted to give you a Cheap Fish Food tip that I found works well and saves me a lot of money.

I went and bought a 50 pound bag of catfish food for under $10, but while the food is a good mix of protein and nutrients for the tilapia, the floating pellets are too large for them to eat.

My good idea gear kicked in, and I got out a corn grinder I had on a shelf, put it on the course setting, and broke the large pellets into smaller pellets.

The fish like it, they are growing, and I am saving money.

Win, Win, Win…

If you have reservations about using dog food as cheap fish food in your aquaponics setup – look at the ingredients and nutritional information – it is almost identical.

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