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Cheaper and Better

Cheaper and Better
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Author Nancy Birnes will soon launch a 13-part PBS series based on the recipes and formulas of Cheaper and Better. Reissued to tie in to the show, this guide shows consumers how to save thousands of dollars with products made at home.Cheaper and Better is a book detailing things you can make at home, usually cheaper and often better, goods that you buy everyday.

If you have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals used in commercially produced products this could be a life saver.

If you are trying to live frugally it’s a real budget saver. This book is well organized, easy to use.

You won’t use every recipe but it’s amazing how many things you really can make at home “cheaper and better”.

I love books like this as they are a constant source of ideas and reference material as I try to solve my problems without endless trips to the store.

Books like Cheaper and Better are a source of entertainment for me, but a source of consternation for my wife.  It seems everytime I get a book like this we end up going to the store for ingredients.

In any book like this I will find multiple ideas that are Must-Try….

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